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Actuarial Community

Actuaries know where every dollar of an insurance company comes from and where each cent goes to. Given the nature of their work, actuaries, in the insurance setting, work with almost all the functions of an insurance company. Arguably, actuaries understand the insurance business better than most insurance professionals and are best placed to help InsurTechs. Precisely, why we at Indian InsurTech Association are working towards engaging with the actuarial fraternity and help our members. Equally, this collaboration with InsurTechs, helps actuaries to be closer to potential disruptors of the insurance industry and work closely with innovative start-ups using cutting-edge technologies to solve real-life business problems of (re)insurance industry. With this initiative, the Indian InsurTech Association is bringing together the techies and the insurance geeks together to add value to the insurance value chain and make insurance better, smoother and more efficient! The following actuarial experts have decided to volunteer their time as mentors and advisors to the IIA Members.

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Vikas Garg

  • LinkedIn
Jaydeep Saha.png

Joydeep Saha

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Amruth Krishnan.png

Amruth Krishnan

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Sateesh Narasimha Bhat.png

Sateesh Narasimha Bhat

  • LinkedIn
Prithesh Chaubey.png

Prithesh Chaubey

  • LinkedIn


Sumit Ramani IIA.png

Sumit Ramani

  • LinkedIn
Saumya Kansal.png

Saumya Kansal

  • LinkedIn
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