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IIA Working Groups
Alternative Data Sources in Insurance

The aim of the Working Group is to create a playbook for the Indian Insurance Industry that helps the industry to better leverage alternative sources of data leading to a better quantification of risks at a more granular level. The playbook would identify minimum standards for the alternative data sources. We are releasing the V0.1 of the Working Group’s proposal, which is a four pager document capturing IIA’s vision, principles and next steps, here.

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Sumit Ramani

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Balachandra Joshi.png

Balachandra Joshi

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K S Gopalakrishnan.png

K S Gopalakrishnan

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Amit T IIA.png

Amit Tiwari

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Sunil Padasala IIA.png

Sunil Padasala

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Karan Vashisht.png

Karan Vashisht

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Raghavendra Pawar.png

Raghavendra Pawar

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Abhijit Pal.png

Abhijit Pal

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Devadeep Gupta.png

Devadeep Gupta

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Anjani Choudhary.png

Anjani Choudhary

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